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Contracting Options

Pioneer knows the importance of gearing our services to meet the needs of our clients. To achieve this, we can provide a variety of contracts to address the specific concerns and characteristics of each project. Some of the most common include:

Stipulated Sum - This contract option is based on a lump sum dollar amount agreed upon in advance and incorporated into the contract. This method represents the commonly used.

Cost Plus - Under this method an overhead and profit margin is agreed upon in advance. This is expressed as a percentage or specific dollar amount and is spelled out in the contract. All costs on the job are increased by that percentage or amount to determine the final contract price.

Guaranteed Maximum Price - This method is somewhat a combination of a Stipulated Sum contract and a Cost Plus contract. Both parties enter into a contract with an agreed not to exceed price.

Construction Management - Here the owner hires Pioneer Builders to serve as manager over a large scale project. This promotes team relations with the owner and a larger level trust among the parties. This method usually involves the owner in the subcontrating of all major trades.

Your options are endless! With our resources and commitment to personal service, the options for contracting are as endless as your imagination. Through a variety of contracting methods Pioneer has established a well-built reputation and many long term relationships.